Bar Mitzvah: A guide to Spiritual Growth

Ouaknin, Francoise-Anne Ménager Marc-Alain

  • Vydavateľstvo: Assouline
  • Jazyk: anglicky
  • Väzba: Knihy viazané
  • Počet strán: 390
  • Rok a mesiac vydania: 2005/10
  • EAN: 9782843237188
  • Formát: 220×165×30 mm, 667g

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O knihe

Do you have to be Jewish to have a Bar Mitzvah? What is a synagogue? What is read in the Torah? Why is reading and study at the heart of Judaism and this symbolic ceremony? What are the foundations of Judaism? Signifying the end of childhood and the passage into adult life, the Bar Mitzvah is one of the most famous ceremonies in Judaism. Celebrated at the synagogue, it is a big event for family and friends, and also a time of ritual. Clear and educational, this book is an introduction to the fascinating and mysterious world of one of Judaism´s oldest rituals. Perfect for children who are about to have this important experience. Thanks to its informative content the parents too will be able to share their knowledge of this age-old ceremony with their family and friends.

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